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Daniel Harding Showreels can write, edit and produce a short scene or performance tailored to your specific talent and needs – we can even write a bespoke script especially for you.


Our aim is to produce film quality scenes that look like they’ve been taken from a bigger project – perfect for your showreel. Because our filmmaker has been making films with his production company 23½ Films for a number of years, his experience will guide you through the process of shooting a showreel from scratch.

No more waiting around for footage! All this can be achieved in just a few weeks, as we aim to have the finished scene or showreel sent to you within days after filming. So whether it’s because you’ve just graduated, or your current reel is outdated, we want to help you achieve your goals.

So, you’re interested. What’s next? After you have chosen your Project Option you will need to fill out our online Welcome Pack. If you have any specific questions you contact us via E-Mail with your query and Daniel will then be happy discuss the project with you.

So what’s stopping you?